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Bird Control

Commercial Bird Control

Some species of birds are a real menace for your business. They cause a lot of health hazards, noise and structural damages to a property. Taking bird control actions sooner than later is going to ensure your business is protected against threats related with pest birds.

At Bayswater Pest Control we offer effective bird control services. We have a host of cost-effective devices and techniques, which we can use to help keep pest birds from creating a issue around your commercial building or disrupting your business.

We usually follow an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach and employ various methods, which ensure minimum impact on bird populations & environment. Bird spikes, coil, professional exclusion nets, physical deterrents and repellent gels are some of the devices that we use for controlling birds. But before we do anything, we conduct a thorough inspection of your site to analyze the bird problem. After implementing the bird control measures, we will also conduct inspections of your business premises on a regular basis to evaluate the success of our program.

Bayswater Pest Control practices responsible bird management. Contact us for your commercial bird control need in Melbourne.

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