Termite Control

Termite Control, Treatment and Prevention

Termite Inspections

Regular inspections are critical to prevent infestations before they cause any damage. Effective termite treatment & prevention begins with taking the right steps towards deterring these pests from making a home out of your own. we recommend you arrange regular, professional inspections at least once a year and check your home for infestations during high periods of termite activity ( spring and summer). 

During an inspection will use the latest technology and tools. We will check your walls , skirting boards , architraves , window frames, subfloor, roof cavity, landscaped timbers , fenceline and any suspicious trees.

Upon completion you will receive a detailed written report.



Bayswater Pest Control is accredited with the latest termite protection solutions. So we are well equipped to get your termite activity under control in Melbourne.

Bayswater Pest Control offers a four step process when it comes to Termite Activity.

  • Step 1 Arrange a full inspection and damage assessment, outlined in a written report.
  • Step 2 Inspect and treat the live termites directly with a termiticide to kill the colony.
  • Step 3 Create a treated zone to make sure the property remains free of further termite infestations.
  • Step 4 Complete a follow up analysis to make sure infestations has been resolved and assess the effectiveness of the overall treatment.


You maybe building an extension or a new home which does need  termite protection.

At Bayswater Pest control we offer:

1) A Certificate upon completion complying with the Australian Standard 3660 of all works to hand in to your local council for approval 

2) we can provide up to 25 years and $1 million warranty on certain installations Offer a range of  termite treatments for your budget and needs

Remember  to consult us prior to building because this could save you big $$$ 

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