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Rats and Mice are generally regarded as very adapatable , omnivirous  scavengers. They are very agile animals and mostly nocturnal. They may feed during the day if food source is limited or there is overpopulation in numbers.  In their movement to and from the nest site , they are very sensitive to wary of any changes in their environment.  They are very careful and feed under cover , never really running out into the open spaces.

Rats are vey careful creatures. They tend to use the same routes of travel  to and from food sources. Mice on the other hand are cautious to a degree but are very curious and adventurous animals.  Mice often investigate new food sources in a very short time after its appearance. They tend to nibble  at small amounts of food at numerous locations.

Rats an Mice live in groups in nests made from paper, fabrics, insulation . Outdoors they will nest near waterways , under buildings, in trees, garbage dumps, rubbish heaps and other places where food and shelter are within reasonable range

Indoors they may nest in wall voids, roof cavitys , sub floors and even within stored goods.

During Autumn and Winter is where thay seek shelter indoors. As long as there is a food source, shelter an water they may and live within the duilding indefinately.

At Bayswater Pest Control we offer thorough and effective approach to help eradicate rodents from your premises. So, when it is our rodent control & removal services in Melbourne, we offer the following:

  • free quotation
  • a full inspection to identify if the infestation is rats or mice.
  • implement a detailed management program.
  • recommendations to help reduce further infestations. ( Looking at food availability , shelter and water)
  • follow up service calls to make sure the infestation is under control.
  • Compare Bayswater Pest Control against your current service provider.
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