What To Do When Your House Is Attacked By Bees?
Although bees are generally harmless insects and attack only when threatened or disturbed, they can quickly become a menace when their colonies try to invade your household. An entire swarm might just fly inside your property if they have been looking for a place to build their nest since long. Such a thing can put you as well as your family members in great danger of getting stung. For someone who is allergic, a sting can even cause asphyxiation. The best way to keep these insects at bay is, of course, by getting in touch with a professional who specialises in bee pest control in Melbourne. In addition to that, there are number of things you can do if bees are trying to invade your house:
  1. In case the bees are making attempts to enter your home through a hole, do not plug or seal it up. They would simply find another way to gain access, such as vents or canned lighting leading inside your abode. Therefore, rather than sealing the existing hole, shut all doors & windows.
  2. If there is a fireplace in your living room and the bees are trying to get inside via the chimney, the best thing you can do to deny them access is blocking up the fireplace with tape and some plastic bags.
  3. Let's assume that a few bees have managed to fly in even after you took precautions. In that case, switch on your air conditioner. Lower the temperature of the room as much as possible. It would make flying for insects very difficult. They might even drop to the ground if the temperature within the room goes below 15 degrees Celsius. If the air conditioning trick does not work, then you will have to open up the doors and windows. That would provide the bees a way to escape.
  4. When your house has been attacked by a large swarm and the bees have somehow gained entry, immediately run outside and hide within your car or go to a neighbour's house.

Make sure you do not panic when faced with a bee invasion. Instead, take the right steps as mentioned above, and do call the professionals to deal with the problem. Bayswater Pest Control is a reputed pest management company that offers reliable and effective domestic bee control service. So if you are being pestered by the stingy insects, get in touch with us immediately.