What Are Fire Ants? How Can They be Controlled?
Fire ants are pretty much common in the state of New South Wales, especially in parks, gardens, yards, pastures and playgrounds. They grow up to a length of ¼ inch and are either black or red in colour. They normally exist in large colonies by building nests under the ground and their mounds can jut out up to a height of 1 or 2 feet. Though the mounds are often found in backyards and lawns, these dangerous critters can also be driven to invade homes by drought or heavy rainfall. And when fire ants infest a household, they can pose a serious threat to human beings and pets living in there.
Fortunately, there are some effective measures that you can implement to control these harmful critters and keep them at bay. Have a look at them described below:
  • If you have sighted one or more fire ants somewhere in or around your house, the foremost thing that you need to do is find their colonies and mounds. Search all areas of your garden, lawn and backyard thoroughly.
  • Once you have located their nest, ask everyone in your family to stay away from that area. Also, take measures to keep your pets from stumbling into the place. Fire ants are very hostile in nature and can attack in large numbers if disturbed.
  • In case the pests are gaining entry into your home, then look for the entry point/s being used by them to do so. Buy a good eco-friendly insecticide and spray it all over the place to kill the critters. Once all the ants in and near the entry point have been vanquished, seal up the hole or fissure using a good caulking agent. Avoid using any kind of outdoor bait within the house - it would worsen the problem.
  • Mark the location of the mound or nest that you found earlier by building a simple wooden fence around it. You can do this by driving 9 to 10 posts into the ground and then connecting them with the help of aluminium wires or thick ropes.
  • Do not, using any means, try to take care of the nest all by yourself. Fire ants are tough to handle without proper expertise. Instead, get in touch with us at Bayswater Pest Control. We provide professional services of ant control & removal in Melbourne. Not only would we take care of the ants and eliminate them entirely, but also provide suitable tips that you can use to prevent infestations in future.
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