The Most Dangerous Critters In Australia

There is no doubt regarding the fact that Australians have to deal with a wide spectrum of pests every year. While most of the critters mainly create problems by contaminating food & causing property damage, there are certain species who pose threat to the life of humans because of possessing venomous bites & stings. In this blog, our experts at Bayswater would shed some light on the most dangerous critters that feel right at home in Australia:

In the realm of arachnids, redbacks are considered to be lethally dangerous because they are among the two species of spiders that have resulted in deaths in the past. Although an antivenom does exist now, bite from a redback can cause extreme discomfort & pain to an allergic person, sometimes triggering symptoms which can last even for days.

Despite of the fact that honeybees are an important & beneficial part of the environment, they can quickly turn into pests if they take up residence within a property. The sting from a bee can lead to severe reactions in an allergic individual, the consequences being fatal in certain cases.

European Wasp
The European wasp is perhaps the most dangerous insect in Australia not due to the fact that it has a powerful venomous sting, but because the species almost always attacks in groups. What’s even more horrifying is that they don’t die after the first sting, and can instead attack several times, which is enough to send a kid or an elderly person to the hospital.

Paralysis Ticks
As their name suggests, paralysis ticks are infamous for their tendency to bite humans and inject a paralysis toxin in the process. Although the toxin does not have any effect overnight, continuous bites can wreak havoc on one’s nervous system.

The name of flies on this list might seem surprising and misplaced to many, but these critters pose more danger to humans than their size permits them to. They literally stamp around on all types of rotting food items and pick up germs from these places. Later on, they settle on uncovered & fresh food and spread pathogens capable of spreading various malignant diseases.

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