The Deadliest Spiders of Australia
Australia is the home to a wide range of spiders, the majority of which are, fortunately, harmless and do not pose as much threat as they seem to. They also help to maintain the ecological balance by consuming other small pests. However, there are certain species of the eight-legged creatures which can deliver venomous bites if disturbed, which is why it’s important to have some idea about them in order to stay safe. So here is a list of the most venomous spiders in Australia:
Red Back
This species of arachnid is very easy to recognise because it has a conspicuous red stripe on its abdomen. Though their bites are not deadly for adults, the venom which they deliver can be life threatening to kids. On an average, around 2000 people get bitten by Red Backs every year. And these spiders have a nasty habit of biting close to one’s nether regions.
Mouse Spider
Around 8 species of this spider is found in Australia alone, and they normally dwell in burrows close to water sources, such as rivers. They tend to come out from their shelters usually after heavy rainfall. Their powerful jaws allow them to prey on small mammals, lizards and frogs. They can hide inside shoes for escaping bad weather, and possess an extremely painful bite.
Sydney Funnel
The Sydney Funnel is perhaps the most dangerous of all spiders in not just Australia, but the entire world. This is because it has a very aggressive nature and bites anything which poses a threat to it. What’s worse is that it can deliver multiple bites at one go and has strong fangs which are capable of piercing through shoes & fingernails. Its venom can lead to death if not treated with anti-venom within 15 minutes.
Whitetail spiders love inhabiting linen, including sheets, towels and clothes. Characterised by white tip on their abdomen and dark brownish orange banded legs, they tend to come out at night for snacking on other arachnids. According to many controversial theories, their bites can trigger arachnogenic necrosis, which kills tissues around the affected part. However, experts say that when a whitetail bites, it leads to severe pain, accompanied by swelling and other general effects.
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