Signs To Determine If Rodents Are Present In Your Home
In case you have been discovering freshly chewed paper or clothing within your household and wondering if rats are present in the house, know that there are certain signs which can help you confirm the doubt. Rodents like mice and rats leave behind certain unique telltale signs that you need to check before resorting to traps and baits:
Annoyed Pets
Cats and dogs often act different when there are pestering rodents present in the house. So if your pet pooch strays out at night to pay a bit more attention to your yard’s fence line, know for sure that the gnawers are either trying to invade your abode, or already have.
Droppings are one of the most common signs depicting the presence of a rat infestation. If you have come across a pile of faecal pellets in your living room or bathroom, start taking precautions to drive away the pests. Faeces of rats are generally bigger than those produced by mice.
Trails In The Dusty Corners
If there are certain dusty spots in the house that you know of and haven’t checked them out for quite some time now, then do take a look and see if you can find tail trails or small footprints in the dust. Inspect hard-to-reach corners, places close to food sources and along baseboards. In the process, you might even discover the entry points used by the pests to gain access to your home.
Musky Odour
Just like every other animal, rodents have a distinct musky odour that is hard to overlook. Presence of that stubborn smell in your abode is a hard evidence for the fact that rodents are indeed present in your house. And a strong and heavy odour can very well be taken as indication for a full-fledged infestation.
Weird Noises
Since rats and mice are generally active at night, they tend to make squeaking and scratching sounds while roaming around the house. Therefore, you are quite likely to hear these noises behind your walls if you listen carefully, in case there are actually rodents present in your residence.
The best way to detect the existence of these gnawing pests at your home, as well as eliminate them, is by opting for professional rodent control in Melbourne. And at Bayswater Pest Control, we provide all kinds of pest extermination solutions for both residential and commercial pests. We are experienced & well-equipped to deal with small and large infestations effectively.
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