Roach-Proof Your Hotel Before Christmas Arrives
Do you own a hotel in the metropolitan area of Melbourne? Then you probably do everything in your power to keep the premises spic and span and make them appear as inviting as possible for your guests. And since Christmas is barely a few weeks away, you might have even planned a list of measures that you are going to implement to embellish your accommodation facility immaculately. However, there is one more very important thing that needs your attention just as much as the decoration part. Before guests start to arrive for enjoying a comfortable holiday stay at your hotel, you ought to make sure that your establishment is completely free from cockroaches.
Here are the most common areas that cockroaches tend to hide in hotel rooms:
High Moisture Regions
Roaches generally love to dwell in places with a high amount of moisture and those spots include pipes, cooler, refrigerator doors, dishwashers, ice machine lids, wet floor mats and drains. The critters often use these places as their hiding spots.
Heat Sources
Might seem ironic as we just mentioned that roaches love moist places, but these pests do seem to enjoy heat sources as well at times. The most common spots include the back portion of coolers, stoves, freezers and refrigerators.
Storage Sections
The storage room of any commercial establishment, especially a hotel, can provide a lot of room for cockroaches to nest and breed. This is because storage spaces usually have plenty of clutter such as cardboard boxes.
This is probably the most common place that roaches hide. And why not? The kitchen with its abundant food supplies, water and corners is the ultimate haven for them. In addition, pipes and sink in this section often act as entryways for the critters.
Last but not the least, one of the most favourite hiding places for roaches is bathrooms because -
  • a lot of moisture
  • pathways in the form of tiny crevices & pipings
  • and, many places to conceal themselves.
If you want to have all areas of your hotel thoroughly inspected for cockroaches before Christmas, then get in touch with our professionals at Bayswater Pest Control. Using the right cockroach pest control techniques and solutions, we would make sure that not a single one of them remains in your facility to trouble your guests.
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