Keep Bedbugs Away From Your Hotel Premises
Bed bugs are one of the most common pests found in homes as well as commercial establishments. And in the last few decades, accommodation facilities such as motels and hotels seem to have become the favourite hangouts of these bloodsucking insects. If you own a hotel infested by bedbugs, chances are high that these pests follow your guests to their home and cause them trouble. Such a thing can not only ruin the reputation of your establishment, but also help in spreading bedbugs from one place to another.
So what can you do to keep bedbugs away from your hotel and allow the guests to have a good night’s sleep? The first step towards proper prevention should be vigilance. Instruct the housekeeping staff to inspect every room thoroughly. While cleaning, they should pull back linens and check around mattresses. Looking out for signs such as small blood stains, black dots, etc. is also very important. Nooks and crannies in headboards must be properly checked as well.
Places right next to bed like nightstands, picture frames and chairs are also ideal hiding spots for bedbugs. Therefore, these places must be examined for signs of infestation too. In fact, it would be prudent if the entire room and all furniture pieces are inspected properly for presence of those nasty bugs.
Once the inspection is over, all pillows and mattresses should be encased in covers to prevent bedbugs from occupying the bedding materials. Make sure that repellents are applied on a regular basis on the exterior walls. However, the pest sprays used must be environment friendly and organic.
Sometimes, even after making extensive efforts to keep bedbugs at bay, a small infestation may occur in your hotel. In case your guests report of bites from these insects, move them to another room and seek professional help. Trying to tackle a bedbug infestation within a hotel all by yourself may involve the risk of the critters spreading to other places. So it is better if you ask professional pest exterminators to come in and take care of the bedbug populace residing within your hotel.
Bayswater Pest Control offers the service of bed bugs removal in Melbourne to a wide range of hospitality units such as hotels, motels, guest houses and hostels. We have a qualified team of professional pest exterminators who follow the Code of Practice for inspection & treatment of bedbugs. So if the bloodsucking organisms are causing you and your guests trouble, contact us immediately for assistance.