How Will You Keep Away Pests From Your Commercial Kitchen?
If you own a restaurant or fast food centre in Melbourne, it is absolutely imperative for you to ensure cleanliness in your commercial kitchen. A clean kitchen is the key towards maintaining a solid reputation among customers. Even if one client returns home from your premises with a bad experience, he or she will spread it to 10 others. However, they would be more than happy to recommend your eatery to family & friends if you serve them with clean and hygienic food.
When it comes to maintaining cleanliness in a commercial kitchen, pest control is one area that you need to zero in the most. Critters like rodents and roaches love to hide in the cooking areas of commercial premises. So if you wish to make your patrons happy, you ought to make sure that your menu items are being prepared inside a pest-free kitchen. But before you go about controlling and preventing those nasty troublemakers, you must understand what are the things that can attract them to your kitchen.
Pests & Their Temptations In Commercial Kitchens
  • Roaches have an affinity for the warm temperatures of cooking areas in eateries. In fact, fissures and cracks near cookers are among their favourite hiding spots.
  • Mice & rats like the warmth of commercial kitchens too, plus they get abundant & varied supply of food in these places. In addition to that, water is available in plenty.
  • A cooking zone of any restaurant, cafe or pub always has sticky, sweet food, which is a delicacy for ants.

Measures To Keep These Pests At Bay

Now, if you want to eliminate these kind of critters from your commercial kitchen and deny entry to future infestations, then here are some effective measures that you can implement:
  • Cleanliness should be your foremost priority. Make sure that any crumbs & spills are cleaned and removed immediately. Follow standard cleaning procedures to keep the space spic and span at all times.
  • Keep the garbage contained in sealed rubbish bins. Also, don’t forget to empty them on a regular basis.
  • Store food items inside tightly sealed containers and at the right temperature.
  • Seal up any cracks, crevices or holes.
If you are being troubled by critters already, then get in touch with our team at Bayswater Pest Control. We use top notch equipment and techniques for offering effective commercial pest control services.
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