How To Shoo Away Pest Birds From Your Restaurant Premises Permanently?
Most people do not think of birds as pests because they do not cause conspicuous destruction like other critters. However, there are certain species of these plumaged creatures which can spell damage for businesses in the same way that rats and flies do, especially for the ones associated with the food industry.
Presence of too many birds around the premises of a restaurant can create a bad impression on customers and discourage them from entering the place. Besides, bird droppings are corrosive in nature and tend to damage the exterior of buildings & machinery. On top of that, their nests can create a blockage in gutters and drains. Birds also have the habit of bringing different items to their nests, even burning cigarettes, which can create a fire hazard and pose threat to the entire building. And last but not the least, they are vectors of several disease-causing microbes, such as ectoparasites, that can get transmitted to humans.
Therefore, it is very important for a restaurant to protect its business, customers and staff from the nuisance of pest birds by using effective control measures. But before that, one must determine the nature and extent of the problem, such as how many birds have taken up permanent residence in & around the premises, where are they nesting, how are they gaining access, and so on.
The most commonly used methods for commercial bird control around a restaurant or any other place include utilisation of repellants, relocation of the pests and exclusion. Given below are brief explanations of each of these methods:
Utilisation Of Repellants
Pest birds can be kept at bay using a plethora of chemical, physical and even electronic repellents. Physical options include ledge treatments and netting, which are usually placed along the ledges of roofs to prevent birds from perching. The electronic ones work in, more or less, the same way, by delivering a mild shock. Sprays and gels are the most common chemical repellents.
Relocation involves trapping of birds using netting or glue boards and then releasing them far away from the place. Since this control method requires careful handling and ethical treatment, it is always done by pest control professionals.
This control method is exercised by preventing birds from making nests within an establishment. It is often done by netting off all the areas from where the pests can gain access to the premises.
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