How To Prevent And Control Termites?
Termites, often confused as white ants, are one of the most destructive pests existing in Australia. It is quite needless to say that they lead to property damage worth several million dollars every year. They chew on everything made of cellulose, which includes timber, paper, clothes, food materials, and so on. Some species have even been known to attack rubber and plastic, but only to use those materials as for building their nests.
When it comes to preventing and controlling termites, people generally rely upon barrier treatments. However, it has been found after a lot of experimentation that these barriers are only good at discouraging the pests and may not always be effective in stopping them. Moreover, termites can construct mud tubes over treatment guards in order to have access to their desired places. These tubes are substantially capable of providing them protection in addition to creating a moist environment crucial for their survival.
The best method for averting termite infestations is to keep wood away from homes, such as firewood, logs for garden borders, wooden stairs, decks and firewood. If at all someone wishes to have their abode constructed with wood, they should make use of timber that is naturally resistant to termites.
In case termite-resistant lumber is not available, a homeowner should take suitable measures severing all direct contacts between wood and concrete or soil. Besides that, any wood material should be sealed away for preventing its exposure to moisture. Care should be taken so as not to store any cellulose or lumber based materials under the house.
Another good way of keeping termites at bay is by using bait blocks. These blocks are actually pieces of wood shaped like wedges and have been treated with a termiticide. They are driven in the ground around the premises of a home. When termites feed on it, they carry the poison along with them to their nest and distribute it among the entire colony.
So these are some of the control measures that homeowners can implement for denying entry to the nasty wood-borers. But what if they have already invaded a dwelling and are quietly munching away expensive furniture? The only prudent solution is opting for  professional termite control services. Bayswater Pest Control offers cost-effective termite control solutions. Not only do our professionals perform a thorough inspection to locate the hiding spots of termites, but also implement appropriate control techniques to eliminate the existing colony and keep future infestations away.
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