How To Keep Pests Away From Your Home In Winter?

Australian winters are generally characterised by an intense weather due to a steady rise in storm activity. Residential & commercial properties stand exposed to heavy rains and strong winds, but there is an even greater concern than damage from weather which worries the people. With the approaching winter, various pests, including termites, spiders, mice and rats, begin invading homes in search of food, shelter and warmth to ride out the cold days.

Therefore, it is very important for you to implement suitable measures for chasing away the annoying critters before they inflict expensive damage upon your property. Given below are a few expert tips that would help you to get the thing done right:

Cleaning The Garden
The idea of staying outside and doing a landscape improvement job in the cold winter may not sound very pleasing. But you have to maintain your garden area properly if you wish to keep malignant critters away. Make sure that there are no heaps of broken branches or leaves that might provide good hiding spots to pests. Also, get rid of dead wood because it generally attracts termites.

Thoroughly Inspecting The Windows & Doors
If your windows and doors have small gaps in between, they can provide easy access to pests into your household. Therefore, check these features thoroughly and see if they have any holes or cracks in them. In case there are any, have it repaired as soon as possible. Also consider weatherstripping for sealing any inconspicuous entryways.

Maintaining Cleanliness
Most pests are attracted to messy and untidy sections of a house - areas that remain cluttered all the time. So ensuring proper cleanliness of your residential premises is an excellent way to steer clear of the creepy crawlies. Pay extra attention to the porch, entryways and your garage. A thorough cleanup in the middle of winter can also be great, if possible.

Regularly Using All The Rooms
Most homeowners tend to use less rooms of their house after the onset of winter. They tend to stay within the areas that have heating turned on. Other spaces of the property, mostly guest bedrooms, are left unused. Without any kind of human activity, these rooms can allow pests to quickly build nests as well as infest all throughout the chilly season.

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