Facts About European Wasps

European wasps are stout, 1.2 cm- 1.6 cm long and have a black and yellow banded abdomen along with a pair of black spots on each of the yellow bands. They've two pairs of wings with the first pair being larger. They even have a black antennae & fly with their legs held quite close to the body.


These insects are not native to Australia. But they were first found in this country in 1959 in Tasmania and quickly spread across the nation by 1978. They are basically native of North Africa, Europe and Asia Minor.


They are polyphagous predators that typically feed on live arthropods and since they can outcompete several other animals for food, they've caused significant harm to the wildlife of the areas they have invaded. They are also known to eat fruit, carrion, garbage, processed human food and honeydew. They are usually opportunistic hunters and scavengers and can get food from different sources.


European wasps generally have their nests in shelters like holes in ground, cavities, trees, ceilings or walls. They are commonly seen in summers i.e. from December – March and do not nest out in open. Their nests are made up of chewed wood fibres and are usually ball shaped.


A nest is detectable by a stream of wasps entering & leaving the hole. European wasps however don't hover, they fly straight backwards & forwards to their nests. Once you locate a nest, don't disturb it especially if it's during the day. If disturbed, they'll release a chemical, which will trigger other wasps to the nest as a mere defence.

Wasp nest removal

Removing a wasp nest is a pretty dangerous job. The wasps feel threatened & become aggressive quite often, which causes them to sting. For getting rid of the wasps, there is no need to remove the nest. You just need to treat it as well as the nesting wasps.

Bayswater's wasp nest treatment

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