Be Ready For The Spring Pests
In general, people relate spring with warm weather, happiness, blooming flowers and BBQ parties. However, just like every other season, spring has its downsides too, one of which is pests. Yes, the rising temperatures are also going to encourage some major critters to leave their homes and invade your dwelling in search of food, water and shelter. Before you can start planning ways to keep them at bay, you must know which pests might attempt to invade.
Here are the common spring pests that you should keep an eye out for:
As we all know, termites are perhaps the most destructive pests in Australia because of their tendency to cause extensive property damage. These notorious critters are not easy to detect, since they would initially reside behind the walls of your house or within furniture pieces. And they normally inflict damage over a long period of time. In order to prevent them, you must eliminate signs of excess moisture as well as all possible food sources. In case the pests have already invaded your household, seek professional services of termite control in Melbourne   immediately.
Throughout the winter season, rodents like rats and mice hibernate in their burrows and with the arrival of spring, they wake up from their extended slumber and start foraging homes for food. In the process of doing so, they can chew on your clothing, furniture, books, bags, wires and even drywall. If you don’t want mice and rats in your house, then take steps to ensure a hygienic and clean environment. Eliminate food or drink spills immediately and store away food items in tight containers. Take out garbage regularly and keep the rubbish bins covered at all times.
Wasps like yellow jackets and paper wasps love the warm weather of spring. While looking for something to eat and a place to stay, they are more likely to enter your house & pose danger to you and your family members. They usually build nests in attics or walls by chewing through the drywall and creating small holes. If you sight a wasp hive in your residence, do not try to remove it by yourself because it may aggravate the wasps and incite them to sting you
So these are the 3 pests that you need to exercise suitable preventive measures against all throughout the spring season.
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